Red Flags in Relationships

Red flags are actions or words that you hear from people that you are involved with that give you insight into major problems that will come down the road. They are important to pay attention to because if ignored, they lead to major issues that can cause stress and anxiety, or end the relationship down the road. Without significant insight, most people tend to ignore the same red flags over and over (If this has been your pattern, please read my article 7 Things You Can Do

How To Know if You're in a Healthy Relationship

Let's face it, some people are naturally better at picking partners and negotiating relationship boundaries than others. Those people are generally those who grew up being fed healthy messages about relationships, dating, marriage and the opposite sex. As a result, for them, being in a healthy relationship is as natural as waking up, and breathing. For those not in this category, understanding if a relationship is healthy is not as innate. So how do you know how to evaluat

4 Reasons Men are Better at Dating Than Women

Despite efforts over the last few years to try and neutralize gender stereotypes, we still live in a culture in which gender roles significantly influence how men and women interact in relationships. Women all over the world for years have directly and indirectly been given the message that adult life begins and ends with being married and having children. Men on the other hand are often encouraged to enjoy their adult years, and settle down only after they’ve finished sowing

10 Places to Meet Single Christians

No matter what the religious, cultural or geographical background, single people always seem to ask the same question. Where can I find other single people who are looking for a relationship. Add when you add all those other factors in, like looking for someone of a particular culture or religion, the struggle becomes that much more difficult. For those of you seriously struggling to find a like-minded Christ-like match, here is my list of 10 place you can go to meet Christ