10 Places to Meet Single Christians

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

No matter what the religious, cultural or geographical background, single people always seem to ask the same question. Where can I find other single people who are looking for a relationship. Add when you add all those other factors in, like looking for someone of a particular culture or religion, the struggle becomes that much more difficult.

For those of you seriously struggling to find a like-minded Christ-like match, here is my list of 10 place you can go to meet Christian singles.

1. Volunteer at Christian Agencies

There are always a few in major cities that cater to a variety of needs, a quick google search will lead to you a local Christian organization that you can volunteer or even sit on the board of. This gives you the opportunity to give back, socialize with other Christians, and broaden your social circle.

2. Church/Christian Conferences

One of the things I like to do is to follow my favorite pastors and Christian leaders on Facebook. Most have an events tab on their page that gives information about their next public event. You could similarly follow them on instagram or any other of their social media pages or websites. Another double bonus - you get to strengthen your faith while you search for "the one."

3. Christian Concerts

Another great opportunity to get out and socialize. Go with a group of your friends, and try to meet and talk to as many people as you can when you get there.

4. Online Dating Sites

For those who feel comfortable meeting and getting to know people on line, dating websites and apps are the perfect way to connect with people you might otherwise never get the chance to know. Remember to be safe - always meet up in an open space and only after talking for sometime, skyping/facetiming and checking them out online. For extra protection, bring a friend along who can make sure you leave the venue and get home safely.

5. A Matchmaker

For those who are not so comfortable with online dating, there is always the option of hiring a Christian matchmaker. This is a more personal way of finding love in a cyber world. You get one on one attention and avoid having your personal information posted online. If you haven't read my blog posting "Why Hire a Matchmaker" you can find it here.

6. Church

Okay, this should obviously go without saying, but you'd be surprised the number of Christian singles, looking for Christian matches, who barely attend church. Remember, if you're looking for someone who genuinely and actively seeks to imitate Christ, you have to be that type of person too. While it's not impossible to do on your own, the bible tells us that "iron sharpens iron". Plus, the more people you know in your church and the more actively involved they see you being, the more likely they are to want to introduce you to their friends and family members who may not attend that particular church.

7. Mission Trips

This may or may not involve trips put on by your church. There are some organizations that plan mission trips for people from a background of churches and denominations.

8. Meetups/Local Christian Events

Eventbrite and meetup.com are two of many websites you can check to find one of events, or ongoing events targeted to Christian people. Remember -the more social connections you have, the more likely you are to meet someone you feel is a good fit for you.

9. School

For those of you who are not interested in pursuing a full time career in ministry, there are always course, certificates and workshops offered at whatever Christian College is close to you.

10. Restaurants, Gyms, Grocery Stores, you name it...

Remember, Christians do the same thing that everyone else in the world does. They workout, go out to eat and buy food. As I've said over and over, the key is to meet people, network and socialize. Work on being open, friendly and approachable. You can even go to non Christian concerts, conferences and volunteer activities as well. Just remember to always to carry yourself with dignity and look neat and presentable whenever you step outside. You never know where or when you'll find love.

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