Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston -5 Reasons to Revive #Brennifer

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

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Hearts stopped all over the world at that hand grab and hold. Even if you are not a fan of Brennifer, you have to admit that moment was touching (pun intended). Some people seem extremely skeptical at the thought of Brad and Jennifer getting back together, largely because most still remember the embarrassment he caused her, the years of scrutiny she had as a result of his high profile relationship with Angelina and worse still how she became the object of pity in many tabloid magazines.

All that being said, Jennifer seems to have moved on from the whole fiasco, and has emerged as the living example of "grace under fire". From her interactions with him at the SAG Awards, and by inviting him to her 50th birthday bash, she has presented the picture of a woman completely at peace with her past, and her past ex's.

But does moving forward always have to mean never looking back? Afterall, if three times a charm, isn't it possible that two times is perfection. There may be some skeptics out there, but here are 5 reasons why we think a Brennifer reunion just might work.

1. They've both matured

There is everything to be said for growing older and wiser. Age gives us the opportunity to understand ourselves better, know what we like and don't like, and learn to appreciate ourselves and our partners/spouses. People who have taken the time to self reflect are able to work on issues that may have caused problems in their relationships in the past. We know this is true of Brad Pitt. He has admitted to having addictions issues in the past that have significantly affected his relationships. After his split from Angelina, he worked on getting sober and getting his life back on track.

2. The issues that separated them are resolved

Though she wasn't specific at the time of their separation (and ultimately divorce), Jennifer did mention feeling like she and Brad had issues she wanted to work on before moving on to having children. From what Brad has said in recent years, we can only assume that his inability to go a day with out a drink or joint must have at least been part of the issues they had to work on. Most people would probably also assume based on how quickly Brad and Angelina went from being "friends and coworkers" to sharing a family, that starting a family was also a bone of contention between the two ex's. Brad has children he so badly wanted, and having crushed sobriety means at least two major issues in there relationship are no longer a barrier.

3. He has learned the grass is not greener

Though its been a few short years since his separation from Angelina, things between the hardly resemble the parting of ways shared by Brad and Jennifer. Despite all the media speculation about his possible affair with his costar of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", Brad and Jennifer parted peacefully. Compare that to the contention that is still going on with his second wife (they are currently still married and working through custody arrangements). There have also long been rumours that Brad and Jennifer stayed amicable over the years, and that Jennifer also stayed in close contact with Brad's mother.

It would be hard not compare Jennifer -who seemingly has wonderful relationships with current and former coworkers, acquaintances and friends- with Angelina. The former has been described as loyal, kind-hearted and loving by all who know her, and the latter has spent the last couple of years doing damage control due to her personal and professional image.

4. Their Chemistry is still there

I mean, look at that picture, need we say more?

5. The world "ships" them

Okay, not everyone in the world is in favor of Brennifer 2.0, but you can't deny the intrigue can you? After all, the internet seemed to go crazy after pictures of them backstage at the SAG Awards came to light, and any mention of the two of them in the same room together seems to have most romantic peoples hearts fluttering. Besides, I have no doubt that if they did get back together, they would have everyone won over with their new found love in a few minutes.

A girl can dream.

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