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Updated: Sep 12, 2019

I'm so excited to be taking this journey with all of you. This has been a passion project in the works for me for a long time now.

It all started for me back when I was still single, and looking for an alternative to meeting people online. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking online dating; I happen to have a few friends who met their significant other on one dating website or another. But for me, as a professional, I felt uncomfortable posting my personal information on the world wide web, for the whole wide world to see!

So, in an attempt to try something different, I reached out to a couple of local matchmaking companies and was surprised when they told me they would not be able to help me as they had worked with female Christian clients before and had no luck finding a match.

The rest, as they say is history.

I was determined to birth something I felt was missing in the pool of dating services currently being offered. Dating services -such as relationship coaching and matchmaking- offered from a Christian perspective, by Christians themselves. Our matchmakers approach coaching from a biblical perspective, and incorporate other services such as prayer at the request of the client.

We take time to listen to you as a client, find out about your specific needs, and work with you one on one to find a Christian partner, who is looking for a long term relationship that leads to marriage.

So if you are like me, and feel that dating websites are to impersonal, and not a good fit, give us a call.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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